Month: January 2013

Level One – The Noob ($0/day)

noob affiliateYou know nothing about internet marketing other than that it exists, and that people are getting rich from it. You probably got introduced to it by a friend who’s making good money, but won’t go into specifics (other than that he pretended to be a girl on Craigslist for a while, but now he’s gone ‘legit’). You’re keen to learn about internet marketing, so your friend shows you a couple of forums (DigitalPoint and Warrior Forum – shudder). You start reading. You don’t really know where to turn for good quality information so you bombard your friend with questions, but he’s being cagey.

Level Two – The Beginner ($0/day profit)

Beginner affiliateAfter hours and hours of reading you start to get a proper understanding of internet marketing. What it is and how it works. You decide to grab a guru course or two (or download them from Pirate Bay) because you get enticed by the alluring sales copy. You think that they must be the answer to your prayers of becoming an internet Zillionaire. You watch the whole thing and get a massive sense of excitement – surely this is going to make you rich this very second! You start reading some choice tidbits of good information from forums and your friend gives you a few pointers, so you think it’s time to bite the bullet and start making campaigns. You can barely sleep at night because you’re so excited.

Level Three – The Novice ($10-100/day profit)

affiliate noviceThe magical day has arrived! You make your first campaign, but inevitably it sinks like a stone. You thought this was going to be easy but your hopes and dreams have been shattered. “But XYZ guru said it’s really easy to make 5k a second on The Google. What went wrong??!” You start throwing a few random offers up, but you’re relying on other people to tell you ‘what works’. You’re not confident enough to really use your own initiative, so you copy other campaigns. You constantly pester your affiliate manager, or other affiliates, to try and find out what’s working and on what traffic source because you think that’s the only way you can make money. You operate entirely from a scarcity mindset and switch from offer to offer, traffic source to traffic source, throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks but not getting anywhere. Notable quotes from you include: “this offer doesn’t work” or “Facebook is a terrible traffic source”, even though others are making five figures a day with it.




Level Four – The Intermediate ($100 – $500/day profit)

intermediate affiliateYou finally start to think independently and start to use other people’s campaigns as inspiration for your ideas. You begin to do research into campaign demographics using Quantcast and Alexa and start adding your own flair and twists to campaigns as you grow more confidence. You come up with an ‘out of the box’ idea and have your first ever successful campaign! After a week, you’re hitting XXX a day in profit and feel pretty amazing realizing that this does work after all. However, you rest on your laurels and your one successful campaign dries up. You’re back to square one and perhaps even more frustrated than ever.

Level Five – The Affiliate Marketer ($500 – $1500/day profit)

affiliate marketerAfter floundering around for awhile, you realize that if you can have one successful campaign than what’s to stop you having many more? You start to experience a shift in mindset where you focus internally rather than externally. You stop relying on answers from other people, and instead gain confidence in your own abilities. When you stop asking and relying on others for answers, you realize that people who are VERY successful at this take initiative and make things happen for themselves. You start to launch new and better campaigns using ideas that you personally came up with. You hit another winner very quickly, but this time you scale it to multiple traffic sources and countries. You make VERY good profit and start seeing some great results. Rather than stopping there you keep implementing new ideas and launching new stuff as you realize that you need more than one successful campaign to have a career in affiliate marketing.

Level Six – The Leader ($1500 – $5000/day profit)

leader affiliateYou are now relying strongly on your own initiative and take much more of an ‘alpha’ approach to the business. You are highly proactive and your mindset these days is pretty much “if this is going to happen, than I’m going to be the one to make it happen.” You develop a strong level of self-trust in your own abilities and now have a solid raft of profitable campaigns across multiple traffic sources and a variety of niches (what I refer to as a ‘balanced portfolio’). You continue building campaigns and re-invest at least 20% of your profits into trying out new campaigns and ideas because, you know that things need to be diversified. Who knows what could happen?

Level Seven – The Master ($5000 – 10,000/day profit)

Master affiliateYou now operate entirely from an abundance mindset and think nothing of dropping a few hundred bucks to test an offer and traffic source, like it’s tipping a waiter in a restaurant. You have masses of winning campaigns and start to move into high traffic stuff (direct site media buys, Pulse360, Adsonar, etc.) as you crave more success and money in your pocket. You start to embrace outsourcing as your time is valuable and needed in order to crank out more campaigns without worrying about technicalities. You get progressively more innovative with your campaigns and make very, very, good money on a stable and reliable basis.

Level Eight – Ballin’ Outta Control. ($10,000 – Lamborghini/day profit)

ballin affiliateYou have now made some frankly ludicrous money, have a team of five full-time outsourcers, have gotten an office, bought a Lamborghini or private island, and have a massive bankroll to fund your campaigns. Things have gone to crazy new heights and you strangely have become a little disillusioned with affiliate marketing and start looking for other opportunities outside campaigns (perhaps e-commerce, bricks and mortar businesses) to expand into. Eventually you start a CPA network or release an inevitable ‘guru’ coaching product just for kicks.


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